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Association Management

"Putting your most valuable asset in the hands of the most qualified professionals."

Hiring the right association management company is essential to not only your property, but also to the community. We believe Associations must be run efficiently, transparently and as a business.

Frequent, straightforward communications with unit owners and Board members via phone, conversations, emails or on-site meetings is an essential part of a management relationship with your community. No one places more emphasis on this requirement than Investors Management Associates, Inc.

Investors Management Associates Inc. is not the largest association management firm, however, we do feel that we provide a much higher level of customer service then most people are use to receiving. Whether it is a phone call, email or letter, our responsiveness and ability to manage all of the affairs for your community sets us apart from other similar firms. We put your most valuable asset in the hands of the most qualified professionals.

CMCA Designation

Are you putting your most valuable asset in the hands of the most qualified professionals? As a board member or trustee, you have fiduciary responsibilities which compel you to make decisions that can have profound financial and social impact on you and your neighbors. To help ensure you have the expert guidance you need to manage your community most effectively, you should look for certified professional managers.

The National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers, (NBC-CAM) an organization committed to helping association homeowners protect their investment and quality of life through professional community association management, administers the only national certification program for community association managers. NBC-CAM grants the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) credential to individuals who demonstrate fundamental knowledge and expertise in managing homeowners and condominium associations and cooperatives.

For more information, contact Kathy at 860-423-3936 x10.

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